For CMCs

The information on this page is for Claims Management Companies (CMCs).

If youre a consumer who has a complaint about a CMC, we have separate information about how to complain. And we have separate guidance for financial services businesses on the Financial Ombudsman Service website   and for small businesses (SMEs) that want to make a complaint.

CMC how to complain

Helping you resolve complaints

The information on this page is for CMCs that provide their services from England, Scotland and Wales or to customers in these countries. This includes CMCs that:

  • are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • were covered by the Legal Ombudsman at the time of the event the customer’s complaint is about


At the earliest stage

You’ll always have the chance to resolve any complaint with your customer before it comes to us.

See our guide to what you need to do when you receive a complaint.

Before we get involved  

How we make decisions

Find out more about how we reach our decisions and what businesses must do

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How we handle complaints

What happens when we look into a complaint and the information we need from you.

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Understanding compensation

How we put things right for customers, whether it’s for financial or non-financial loss.

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Complaints we deal with

An overview of the types of complaints we deal with.

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