About case fees and when you need to pay them.

To keep our service free for consumers, we’re funded by a combination of levies and case fees that are paid by businesses.

A case fee applies when one of our case handlers investigates a case. However, depending on the circumstances, we won’t always charge a fee.

When we do and don’t charge

You won’t need to pay a case fee for the first 3 complaints against your business that we deal with in each financial year. From the 4th complaint onwards, we charge a case fee of £750.

If a case does need to be investigated, it becomes a chargeable case, regardless of the outcome.

Most businesses have very few cases referred to us, meaning that most businesses don’t pay any case fees. For businesses that do pay case fees, the cost involved is likely to be much less than the legal costs of defending the case in court.

When you have to pay the case fee

The fee is only payable once the complaint is resolved. Our finance team will send you an invoice at the end of the month in which we close the case.