Our CMC quarterly data shows the volume of complaints we received and resolved about claims management companies, and the proportion of complaints we upheld in consumers’ favour.

Last updated: 28th January 2021

Q3 2020/21: 1 October to 31 December 2020

  • We received 549 enquiries and 288 new complaints about claims management companies (CMCs) – with 58 complaints passed on to an ombudsman for a final decision. On average, we upheld 36% of complaints.
  • Complaints about how CMCs have handled PPI claims remains our most complained-about CMC activity, with 195 new complaints over the quarter. Many complaints centre on fees or commission charged by the CMC in question. Around a quarter of the PPI-related complaints we’ve received since Q1 2020/21 are from consumers who say their CMC failed to submit their PPI complaint before the FCA’s deadline of 29 August 2019. 
  • As banks give responses to their final remaining PPI claims, we expect to see a decrease in the number of complaints about how CMCs have handled these claims going forward.


In each release of quarterly data (about both financial products and relating to complaints about claims management companies), we publish the number of new enquiries and new complaints received in the period, together with the number of ombudsman referrals and the percentage of cases upheld in favour of the customer.

From the Q1 2020/21 releases, we changed the threshold for our reporting on the number of new complaints received. In previous releases, we published data where our service had received at least 30 new complaints about a product or service in the relevant reporting period. From Q1 2020/21, we reduced this threshold to the receipt of at least 10 new complaints, to increase the granularity of insight we’re able to offer stakeholders about complaints trends. Products and services where we have received at least one, but fewer than 10 new complaints, will be denoted as “<10”. 

We have also taken the opportunity to update our criteria for publishing uphold rates. Previously, we published the percentage of cases upheld in favour of the customer where we had both received 30 new complaints and resolved 30 complaints about a product or service in the relevant period. From Q1 2020/21, we will publish the uphold rate where we have resolved 30 or more complaints about the relevant product or service in the period – we will no longer apply a threshold relating to the receipt of new complaints.