CMC annual complaints data

Our CMC annual complaints data is a snapshot of our work over the course of the financial year. It shows the volume of complaints we received and resolved about claims management companies, and the proportion of complaints we upheld in consumers’ favour.

Data for financial year 2022/23

CMC products and services CMC enquiries 
CMC Accident Management 169
CMC Consumer Credit 39
CMC Endowments -
CMC Investments <10
CMC Life and critical illness cover <10
CMC Packaged Bank Accounts <10
CMC Payment Protection Insurance 180
CMC Pensions 14
CMC Short-term Lending <10
CMC Benefits 12
CMC Criminal Injury <10
CMC Employment 11
CMC Housing Disrepair 13
CMC Lead Generation <10
CMC Personal Injury <10
Other 39
Total 516

Interpreting the data

Cumulative figures

Cumulative figures, such as our quarterly data, won't necessarily match total figures provided in the tables for the year so far. This is because the data for each quarter is a snapshot of what the figures looked like at the end of that quarter.

It's possible that as cases are investigated further, we may refine how the case is categorised to better reflect what the complaint was about.

This will be captured in our cumulative figures but our previous quarterly datasets won't be updated. Therefore when referring to our annual figures, please use the data on this page rather than our cumulative published quarterly totals.

Glossary of terms


An enquiry is recorded when a consumer contacts us for the first time to explain the problem they’re having. Some of these enquiries go on to become new complaints we investigate in more depth. At enquiry stage, it’s likely we’ll have heard only from the consumer, and we might not yet know the specific product or service involved. So the product categorisation may change at a later stage in our process, once we’ve received further information.

New complaints

A new complaint is recorded when an initial enquiry becomes a complaint we’re going to investigate in more depth. We record information about the financial product or service the consumer is complaining about, as well as the issue involved.


A resolution is a case that we've closed during the year. This includes complaints where we’ve given our answer following an investigation, as well as a smaller number that have been withdrawn by the consumer, or that we’ve decided we can’t or shouldn’t investigate. This data includes complaints resolved informally by one of our investigators or adjudicators, as well as those where an ombudsman’s involvement was required. 

Uphold rate

This is the proportion of complaints we’ve resolved where the answer we’ve given is in consumers’ favour. When we “uphold” a complaint, it can reflect one of two things. First, it can mean that a business told a consumer in its final response that it had done nothing wrong – but after the complaint was referred to us, we decided that it had done something wrong. Or it can mean that a business’s final response offered the consumer compensation – but after the complaint was referred to us, we decided it hadn’t offered enough, and told it to change its offer.

To ensure our uphold rate data are as meaningful as possible, we only include products and services about which we resolved 30 or more complaints over the course of the year.